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How Can a Positive Mindset Make You More Productive?

When you feel positive at work, your professional life tends to be better and you’re also more productive.What if the secret to being effective is not about how much time you spend at work, but depends on your frame of mind?

The truth is that by developing a more positive attitude, you will accomplish more and feel better at work. You will feel even more organised getting up, your days will seem brighter and it will be all that much easier to downplay those small hassles.


To start off Monday on the right foot, focus on three moments that you are looking forward to that day.  Instead of worrying about your upcoming meeting with your boss, why not think about that new exciting project or chatting with your colleague at coffee break?  All the things that give sense to your day and remind you how lucky you are — giving you the positive energy and mindset you need to get all your work done.

Sometimes the simplest gestures can have miraculous effects. For example, smiling several times a day reduces the level of stress and increases the joy factor. Giving compliments, being kind, sharing and helping others have all been proven to be uplifting tools.  Not only does a positive, collaborative atmosphere at work improve everyone’s creativity, it also creates a strong team dynamic. Not surprisingly, you may find that your colleagues will be giving you a helping hand more often to show their appreciation.