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Challenges: How to Tackle Them, and Celebrate Success

Here are some daily personal challenges: Getting that long awaited promotion, getting your son to eat his veggies or completing your to-do list. When finally achieved, you deserve to congratulate yourself for great organisation!And yet the path towards success, whether your goal is professional or personal, can be paved with smaller, joyful moments. There are things to be proud of but the small successes are easily overlooked.  When we take the time to achieve our life’s goal, we have twice as much chance of succeeding.  So here are three ideas to celebrate success.


Keeping a personal journal can be an excellent soul-searching tool where you can express yourself freely and record memories for later. When one focuses too long on the future, one forgets to savor the present moment. So why not take a few minutes each day to jot down something you are happy to have accomplished, to remember some sweet things your partner said or a compliment the boss gave you?


After the effort comes the reward.  Treat yourself to those shoes you’ve been wanting, indulge in a spa session or a great haircut — nothing is too big or small to celebrate an important effort.  What’s important is feeling balanced with yourself. Whatever you choose as a reward, it’s lovely inspiration to outdo yourself.


As the saying goes “Happiness is only real when it’s shared”. Celebrating good news and personal success with others will magnify the positive feelings you are already experiencing. Not only will they be happy for you, but this will also bolster the close relationship you share.  So when are you planning a dinner with your close friends or family to celebrate your last achievements.