About Activia

What Activia Does

How does Activia work to help improve your digestive comfort?



A healthy gut is the key to your healthy body. So it’s good to know that a single portion of Activia® yoghurt delivers billions of active probiotics to your intestinal tract. The unique Activia® probiotic blend includes the patented Bifidus ActiRegularis®, which is proven to stimulate the growth of good bacteria, which can be depleted by stress, an unhealthy diet or taking antibiotics. The new good bacteria in your gut will help improve your digestive comfort. Simple!

When you’re going to put something in your gut, it’s reassuring to know that in over 30 years of research, we have conducted clinical trials of Activia®. The results are published, and show that Activia® has a beneficial effect on digestive discomfort. Good news for the over 87% of Australian women who experience it!


We don’t just talk the talk. Activia® has a proven digestive health claim which can only be made by products that are supported with research and strong clinical data. Danone has developed the systematic review on Activia® endorsed by prominent opinion leaders in gastroenterology, including: Prof. Peter Gibson (Monash University & Alfred Hospital), Prof. John Kellow (University of Sydney & Royal North Shore Hospital) and Prof. Peter Whorwell (University Hospital of South Manchester).

To ensure the quality and validity of our clinical trials, every one of them follows gold-standard criteria – the highest level recognised within the scientific community.  Using appropriate sample sizes and controlled conditions, all our tests have proven that Activia® can help reduce digestive discomfort when consumed twice a day for four weeks as part of a balanced diet.